Capable, varied and focused on a common goal of achievement.

Our Cloncurry operations team is highly capable and includes many and varied skills that span our key operational functions. In extreme weather and often dangerous field conditions, their efforts and dedication to a common goal of achievement directly contributes to successful outcomes.

As shareholders, our operations personnel will directly benefit from our successes.

Scott Franko

Exploration Manager & Site Senior Executive (SSE)

Scott is a Geologist (B.Sc., P.Geo.) with the PGO of Ontario, Canada and is specialised in mineral exploration from greenfield to near-mine. Scott has underground and open pit experience, is skilled in drill project management, compliant technical reporting, a variety of mapping and 3D GIS software, and is a proficient cartographer. From the early 1980s he gained significant experience in exploration, mining and geotechnical disciplines in locations including Canada, South Africa, Botswana, China, Colombia, and Australia.

Kevin Tidy

Exploration Geologist

Kevin is one of Transition’s longest serving personnel, having joined the Company for its first field programmes in 2018. Kevin’s recent roles include both mine and exploration geologist within the Mt Isa Inlier. Kevin brings extensive field experience to Transition in the areas of field mapping and GIS software, mineral identification, management of RC and RAB drilling programs, design and execution of soil geochemistry, rock chip programs and initial prospect reconnaissance. Kevin was a member of the original Highway discovery field team. Kevin’s is motivated to learn and advance his geological and managerial skills and is a great asset to the Company.

Enrico Scachetti

Exploration Geologist

Enrico graduated from the University of São Paulo (Brazil) in 2012. He worked for 10 years in several areas of geology such as environmental, remediation of contaminated areas, licensing for large engineering and mining works (open pit mines, tailing dams, hydroelectric plants, etc). More recently he has worked with geotechnics, in particular tailings dams and waste dump piles with emphasis on structural designs, safety factor and instrumentation of geotechnical structures. Enrico’s knowledge and experience adds great value to the Company.

Will Green

Junior Exploration Geologist

Will graduated from Texas A&M University (USA) in 2021 with a BSc. in Geophysics, before completed a MSc. in Exploration Geology at the Camborne School of Mines (UK) in 2022. Will has joined Transition in 2022 and brings experience in field mapping and designing and implementing soil and grab sampling campaigns. In addition, Will has experience utilising online geological software’s such as ArcGIS, Leapfrog, and IoGAS. Will is very enthusiastic to continue learning and help the company to grow.

Kris McKenna

Field Research Technician

Kris joins Transition after drilling experience with drilling companies including as a trainee driller. His passion for geology inspired a career redirection. Kris is a ticketed operator for Transition’s heavy machinery, and with cattle station experience in remote areas of Mt Isa, has many field practical skills and being handy on the tools can repair and maintain just about anything.

Josh Mckenna

Field Research Technician

Josh joined Transition in 2021 after having worked in many different roles prior. He has always had a passion for Geology after being a Field Technician in his early 20’s and since that time he has gained experience and knowledge as a surveyor’s offsider, drillers offsider and, water blaster on many of Queensland’s mines and sugar mills. Josh brings a great deal of experience in mine safety along with the other skills he has gained along the way to be a great asset to the team.

Liam Williams

Field Research Technician

Liam is an experienced senior field/pit technician, drillers off-sider and ore/ROM controller. With over a decade of mining experience in the Cloncurry region, Liam has a growing passion for geology inspired by his mentor Andrew Day, who is one of Transition’s original founding partners. Liam is skilled in field identification of minerals.

Sandy Schat

Field Research Technician

Sandy joined the Transition team in 2020, prior to which she was a qualified swimming and sports coach in the Netherlands. As a Field Research Technician, Sandy has been specifically trained in Transition’s field research activity, and to assist the Exploration Team with daily operational activities. Sandy contributes to the Cloncurry office administrative duties, and undertakes technical activities such as high resolution photography and data acquisition.

Kristy Fossen

Field Research Technician

Kristy joined the Transition team initially in 2019 as a field technician. After returning home to Canada for the duration of Covid, she has rejoined the Cloncurry field team in the same role. Kristy has a keen interest in Geology.